Business Partners

Jeff David Insurance has been a Business Partner to the "Crestview Cheetah's" at Crestview Elementary School in the NKCSD for 2 years. Community is important to our agency!

Newsletter February 2017

Dear Marci, I just turned 65 and don’t feel like I know very much about what’s covered and what’s not covered under Medicare. How can my doctor help me get the services and care I’m entitled to receive, and how can I be sure her recommendations are in my best interests? - Noreen (Jonesboro, AR)

Annual Wellness Visit

We find most people are unaware of what the Annual Wellness Visit is and how it could benefit them. The Annual Wellness Visit is one of the many preventive services that Medicare covers for free. If you have Original Medicare, you will pay no coinsurance or deductible for the Annual Wellness Visit and other preventive care services, as