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Jeff David Insurance Agency has a team of dedicated agents with decades of experience and our business is to shop and compare insurance plans for our customers and find one that fits their needs and budget without charging them for our services.

We are interested in doing business with local individuals and small business owners like you who are finding that sorting through and understanding the different insurance policies can be a big headache. We’re also a member of the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce because we care about our community! Jeff David Insurance has partnered with and provided exceptional services and products to a number of people and business throughout the Kansas City area on both sides of the state line.

Prior to working with you, we will research the plans available in the Kansas City area so that we are prepared to have a fruitful conversation that will benefit and help you find a plan that meets your individual, family, and/or Business needs.

Come in today and enjoy a visit to our office where the coffee is always hot and the soda always cold.


Phone: (816) 436-2622 TTY 711
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Client Testimonials

Jeff David Insurance Client Testimonial – Bernie Richter

Jeff David Insurance Client Testimonial – Bridget Bristow

Jeff David Insurance Client Testimonial – Bonnie & John

Jeff David Insurance Client Testimonial – Tom Prichard

Jeff David Insurance Agency

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