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New To Medicare Insurance? We’ll Make Sure You Have A Full Understanding Of Your Coverage.

Have you ever been buried under co-payments or out of pocket costs?

Are you tired of hassling over your prescriptions or doctors visits? Nobody should ever have to worry about spending hours making sure they have their medical bills covered. That’s why we are here.

If You Work With Us We Will Make Sure:

1. You don’t have to worry about dealing with confusing claims & paperwork.

2. You have a full understanding of your coverages.

3. You always have someone to call if you have questions or concerns about your coverage.

The Fact Of The Matter Is Most People Will Not Be Covered With Just Basic Medicare. Please Give Us A Call So We Can Help You Make Sure You Have All The Coverage You Need.

What Is Medicare? - A Brief Overview With Jeff David

What Is Medicare?

What Is Not Covered With Medicare

How To Pay For Medicare

Top 5 Things You Need To Know

Why You Should Work With Jeff David Insurance

We Take Care Of You, You’re Not Just A Customer To Us – You’re Family.  We make sure to tell you happy birthday when it’s that time of year. We pick up the phone when you call. We remind you of your appointments. We make sure you have the right level of coverage that suits your needs.

• We’ve been in business for over 25 years. We have the experience & know how to point you in the direction you need to go.

• We work with the best insurance companies in the nation. They trust us because we know how to take care of our customers. You won’t hassle over your coverage, you’ll understand it.

• We’re a broker, which means we are always motivated to find you the best deal, not to sell you one specific product or service.

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Why & When To Sign Up

Why sign up now?

Two primary times to sign up

An Overview: Medicare Parts & Plans

Basic Medicare: Part A & Part B

Basic Medicare: Part A & Part B

• This is also referred to as original medicare

• This part of Medicare is provided by the federal government & is intended to cover your basic medical care. You will have copayments, coinsurance, & deductibles with this coverage. It is not free.

• Part a: helps pay for hospital stays & inpatient care. Usually there is no monthly premium.

• Part b: helps pay for doctors’ visits & outpatient care. This part has a monthly premium you will have to pay.

• This does not include prescription drug coverage, or other types of coverage such as vision or dental.

• If you don’t enroll in time, you may be charged up to a 10% on your premium as long as you are enrolled in part b.

• You can fill out the form to apply for part B here.

• If you’d like to learn more, please see our original medicare page.

Supplemental Medicare Coverage

There are federally approved & regulated supplemental plans that help cover expenses basic medicare doesn’t.

1. Part D (prescription coverage): this part of medicare is standalone from the others. It has varying costs based on your location, income & provider. It’s intended to help you cover the costs of your prescriptions.

2. Medicare supplement coverage (or medigap): this is coverage provided to help supplement the costs of medicare, such as copayments & coinsurance. This comes in several different plans and some offer benefits such as covering you when you travel outside of the U.S.

3. Medicare Advantage Plans: these are wholistic plans which usually include prescription coverage. These work more similarly to traditional health care plans. These types of plans usually include a network of healthcare providers that you’ll have to work with.

Costs will vary with these plans based on where you live & what kind of coverage you need. If you’d like to learn more, we dive into more detail on these pages: medigap, part d, medicare advantage plans.

How Do I Switch Medicare Plans?

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Do You Need Extra Assistance?

If your income & resources are below a certain threshold you may qualify for extra help or medicaid or both. Please click here (Link) to learn more if you feel this applies to you.

Choosing the right medicare plan can be difficult.

Our Easy Step By Step Plan


Just follow our easy step by step plan to peace of mind about your coverage

1. Call us & speak with a licensed agent.
2. Tell us what you are looking for from your coverage.
3. We’ll set up an appointment for you.
4. We’ll design a plan together that fits you.
5. We get you signed up.
6. Go from concerned to worry free!

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