Life Insurance

Life Insurance Policies Provide Peace Of Mind & Coverage For Your Loved Ones.

Group Health Insurance - What You Need To Know

Peace Of Mind & Affordable Coverage

• Life Insurance Offers You Peace Of Mind About Your Loved Ones. 
• Term Life Insurance Offers Different Coverage Options At Affordable Prices Customized To Your Situation & Needs.

Life Insurance Can Be More Than Just Coverage

• Permanent Life Insurance Can Provide A Cash Value
• While More Expensive Than Term Coverage, It Will Cover You For As Long As You Pay The Premiums.
• The Premiums Do Not Increase With Age.
• This Could Be Right For You Even If You Are Younger.

Types Of Plans

Term Life Insurance

• Less Expensive Option 
• Provides Coverage For 10, 20, Or 30 Year Periods.
• If You Don’t Die Within The Term Alotted, Your Beneficiary(s) Don’t Get The Benefit Of The Insurance.
• You May Want To Vary Your Term To Last Until You Retire. You May Want To Extend It Until Your Last Dependent Will No Longer Need Support.
• These Are Great Variable, Affordable Options

Permanent Life Insurance

• Provides Coverage As Long As You Continue To Pay Premiums. 
• Your loved ones can depend upon a payment of funds when you pass.
• You also can fund a cash value which may grow over time.
• You Don’t Pay Any Interest On Your Cash Earnings, Nor Do Your Beneficiaries Pay Any Tax On The Death Benefit When It Is Paid Out.
• Could Be The Right Decision For You Even If You Are Young.

What You Get When You Work With Jeff David Insurance

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If You Do Business With Us You Get…

• Personalized Service To Fit Your Needs.
• To Be Part Of The Jeff David Insurance Family.
• Quality Care & Guidance To Make Sure You Understand Your Coverage.
• A Licensed Agent To Answer The Phone.

We Are The Insurance Agency That Cares About You. Please, Give Us A Call Because We Want To Make Sure You Don’t Have To Worry About Having Quality Health Care Again.

Choosing the right medicare plan can be difficult.

Our Easy Step By Step Plan


Just follow our easy step by step plan to peace of mind about your coverage

1. Call us & speak with a licensed agent.
2. Tell us what you are looking for from your coverage.
3. We’ll set up an appointment for you.
4. We’ll design a plan together that fits you.
5. We get you signed up.
6. Go from concerned to worry free!

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