Group Health Insurance

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• We Offer Personalized Customer Service To Make Sure Your Plan Is Customized To Your Needs

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Group Health Insurance - What You Need To Know

What Is Group Health Insurance Coverage?

• Group Health Insurance Plans Are Designed to Provide Coverage To Your Company. 
• There Are No Medical Questions Required To Apply For Group Insurance.
• You Can Sign Up Year-Round.


What Are The Benefits Of Group Insurance?

• Insurance Is Likely Less Expensive For Each Individual Member (Including You).
• You Will Attract & Retain Better Talent As A Company Because You Offer Health Benefits. 
• If You Want To Learn More About This Give Us A Call.

Individual Plan Types

As A Small Business You Should Provide Health Coverage & Here’s Why

• You Will Be More Competitive In The Job Market For Quality Employees. 
• You Will Boost Employee Morale – Which Leads To Greater Productivity.
• You Will Increase Employee Retention – Which Leads To More Skilled & Reliable Employees.

We’d Be More Than Happy To Help You Find The Most Cost-Effective Way To Get Your Employees Covered!


What You Get When You Work With Jeff David Insurance

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If You Do Business With Us You Get…

• Personalized Service To Fit Your Needs.
• To Be Part Of The Jeff David Insurance Family.
• Quality Care & Guidance To Make Sure You Understand Your Coverage.
• A Licensed Agent To Answer The Phone.

We Are The Insurance Agency That Cares About You. Please, Give Us A Call Because We Want To Make Sure You Don’t Have To Worry About Having Quality Health Care Again.

How Do I Apply For Group Insurance?

You’ll Need To Take A Census

Insurers Use An “Employee Census” To Obtain Specific Infomration To Estimate The Health Care Costs Your Group Is Likely To Incur. 

A Census Does Not Include: Health Status, Race, Religion, Or Sexual Orientation, Social Security Number, Or U.S. Citizenship Status.

These Are The Things You Will Be Asked In A Census About Your Employees:
• Name
• Age
• Number Of Dependents
• Zip Code

Give Us A Call To Learn More About Taking A Census!


Choosing the right health insurance plan can be difficult.

Our Easy Step By Step Plan


Just follow our easy step by step plan to peace of mind about your coverage

1. Call us & speak with a licensed agent.
2. Tell us what you are looking for from your coverage.
3. We’ll set up an appointment for you.
4. We’ll design a plan together that fits you.
5. We get you signed up.
6. Go from concerned to worry free!

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